Maghreb Studies Center (CMS)

  • The Center will produce knowledge and understanding of the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania), with a strong emphasis on its Africanity.  It will promote educational innovation and dialogue between the US and the Maghreb region. It will also create a newsletter or a journal. A journal for North Africa that connects with Africa and with the African diaspora.
  • A conference to launch the idea for this center is tentatively scheduled during the month of October 2019.  The theme and guest speakers will be announced in the fall.
  • The center will help sustain the collaboration between the Arizona State University Library in Tempe and the Royal Library in Rabat.  I have helped forge an official agreement between the ASU Library and the Royal Library in Rabat.  Three Moroccan representatives Mustapha Taoubi, Khalid Zahri and Abdelmajid Khiyali visited ASU to attend the signing ceremony with Librarian Jim O’Donnell, Stephanie Lindquist, Edward Oetting and Chouki El Hamel in February 2018.  The agreement highlights points of interest to both institutions.  It will facilitate the development of programs of collaboration in academic, research and cultural fields.

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